IT4000E Basic/Count

IT4000E BASIC/COUNT is a W&M approved weighing terminal for counting and checkweighing of parts and counting to a predetermined quantity.

Operator prompting with clearly structured menus on color screen ensures fast and error-free operation.

Scales of any type may be connected to the terminal, eg floor, bench or precision scales.

Parts count is calculated based on preset reference weights or by placing reference parts on the weigh platform.

Parts can be counted by adding parts into an empty container or by removing parts from a filled container.

The bargraph display with changing colors shows the approximation to a chosen target value.
High resolution and fast signal processing of the IT4000E BASIC/COUNT enables a rapid and precise parts counting operation.

Several taring options are available, eg for the manual or automatic capturing of pallet / container tare or taring of intermediate layers.

Apart from count and weight all other application-relevant data can be captured via keyboard entry or scanner.

Data recording can be on strip, label or protocol printers. Print format is configurable. Optionally, all data can also be transferred to a host computer.