IT4000E Control/Online

IT4000E CONTROL/ONLINE is a W&M approved industrial weighing terminal which can be remotely controlled over the Ethernet interface from a PC or PLC.

Taring, zero setting and other functions can alternatively be released via digital inputs (from PLC or external push buttons). Four configurable setpoints are available.

Housed in a compact and robust stainless steel enclosure (IP65) the terminal enables the data capture and recording of weighing and associated operational data direct in harsh environment weighing locations.

Scales of any type can be connected to the terminal, eg floor, bench or precision scales.
With a printer connected to the IT4000E CONTROL/ONLINE terminal, W&M approved records can be obtained. Layout and format of printing can be controlled from the PC.

The integrated approved data archive eliminates the need to use a separate log printer.

Supported ONLINE commands from PC:
  • Capture weight
  • Tare scale
  • Position cursor on template
  • Show text, acknowledge message
  • Enter or scan data
  • Print
  • Read inputs, eg state of limit switches or light barriers
  • Set outputs, eg to control traffic lights or roller conveyors.