IT4000E DOS is a universal W&M approved filling controller for use as non-automatic weighing instrument (NAWI) for the gravimetrical filling of liquid and solid material.

IT4000E DOS controls the filling process with fast and slow speed via screw or vibratory feeder or filling valve.

Target weights, tolerances and preact values can be stored in a product file.

Tare check and automatic taring of the empty container is possible.

Two different versions of the housing are available:
  • Compact stainless steel housing (IP65) for desk-top / column-mount or wall-mount installation
  • Panel-mount housing for installation in switch cabinet.
The most important features are:
  • High throughput enabled by fast signal processing with powerful digital filtering.
  • Accurate fill control through fast acting, trend-sensing preact optimization and tolerance check.
  • Recording of all data pertaining to individual fill cycles or batches, optionally with printing or data transmission.

Simple operation via onscreen menus and softkeys ensures error-free operation and minimum training requirements.