Groov for Opto22


It’s all you need to build effective HMIs you can use from any device, anywhere.


What is groov?

  • A mobile app?
  • A Web app?
  • An HMI?
  • An operator interface?
  • A development tool?
  • An appliance?
  • A web server?
  • A revolutionary change of epic proportions in web and mobile apps?


groov is a package for building and using operator interfaces—HMIs—to monitor and control your automation system. Or anything else.

In one little red box, groov puts everything you need to build your interface and run it on any browser, any device, any screen size, from anywhere.

And it’s awesomely easy to use.


groov works on modern web browsers


Any browser

With groov there’s no software to download or install and NO plugins. No Java, no Silverlight, no Flash.

Just open a modern web browser like Firefox, Safari, or Chrome, and there’s your HMI. Any device that can use these browsers can run your groov interface. Awesome!


Any device


Any device

This is so cool you won’t believe it: groov works on any device with a modern web browser, from an iPod touch all the way up to a web-enabled big-screen TV.

I mean any device: any smartphone, any tablet, from any manufacturer. See the list…

Your interface is in your pocket, no matter where you are—or it’s on the wall, or on the equipment, or on your laptop, or exactly where you need it.


Any screen size


Any screen size

Screen size doesn’t matter with groov. Graphics, buttons, labels, images, live video, trends—everything scales gracefully to fit whatever device you’re using.

At the same time, buttons and sliders and text are never too small to use or read easily on your phone.

So the operator interface you build today can be used on tomorrow’s devices. Why? Because groov is based on standards like HTML5, CSS3, SVG–all the standards that make it easy to develop once and view from anywhere.





You can use groov anywhere. What does that get you?

  • Well, you won’t have to walk back to your computer to test a valve, for one thing.
  • You can buy an inexpensive tablet and use it for an operator interface.
  • All the workers on production line five can look up at a TV and see how many more parts they made than the last shift did.
  • You’ll be able to see and control stuff you probably couldn’t before, like equipment at remote sites or in dangerous environments—places where you can’t go or where you can’t afford to run network wiring.