Automatic Concrete Batching System

Dry Mix Plant

Dry Mix Plant with Front-End Loader Screen Shot

The BatchCon™ Plant Module is a complete SCADA(Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System designed for the Construction Industry.

The system runs hand-in-hand with the BatchCon™ Supervisor Module and provides a complete, cost-effective automatic concrete batching system without having to pay for expensive third-party licensed SCADA and database systems.

Skip Hoist Plant

Skip Hoist Plant Screen Shot

The BatchCON™ Plant Module covers all of the following:
• 32-bit PLC
• Option of Ethernet or conventional RS485 communications
• 19" rack-mount modules
• Unlimited I/O capabilities (32 x I/O standard)
• Various standard screens for your type of plant
• Full recording of manual batches
• Optional Cellular SMS for plant maintenance assistance
• Direct communications from PLC to remote host via dial-up or dedicated lines
• Option of PC or Industrial MMI (Man-Machine Interface)
• Delivery Dockets
• Management Reports

Project Examples Include:
• Dry-Mix Plant with front-End Loader
• Dry / Wet Mix Plant
• Dual Drum Mixer plant
• Skip Hoist Plant
• Recycling Plant

Double Bin Dry Mix PlantWet Mix Plant
Recycling PlantShip Hoist Plant

Features Include:
• Automatic In-flight Correction
• On-screen Confirmation of Load
• Comprehensive Alarming
• Historic Data Logging
• Automatic Moisture Compensation
• Automatic Scale Checks
• Automatic Target Adjustment
• Hardware Selection Guide

Supervisor Module

Orders Screen Shot

The BatchCON™ Supervisor Module is a complete database designed for the Construction Industry – No need to pay through your nose for expensive stand-alone modules such as order entry, truck despatching and tracking or weighbridge raw material receipts.

Customers Screen Shot

The BatchCON™ Supervisor Module covers all of the following:
• Customers
• Suppliers
• Vehicles
• Raw Materials
• Mix Designs
• Orders
• Transactions
• Transaction Details
• Raw Material Usage
• Delivery Dockets
• Management Reports

Data Exchanger
The Data Exchanger application, as the name suggests, exchanges data between a server and a client.
It is a Microsoft .net application that runs on the client-side and at scheduled times, scans for any unsent data in the client’s database tables.
If any unsent data is found, the Data Exchanger transmits it to the server.
The Data Exchanger also queries the server periodically for any server-side data that needs to be retrieved and posted into the client’s database.
The Data Exchanger can communicate over any TCP/IP connection (for example, PPP, GPRS, ADSL and ISDN).
All data is compressed before transmission, thus saving on bandwidth and transmission time ensuring that the data is transmitted as quickly,
and cost effectively as possible. Compression ratios of up to 97% can be achieved.

Web Reporting
BachCon has a innovative WEB reporting facility as an option.
The DataExchanger sends all the transactions and results to our servers at Opto Africa and thus be accessed from any web browser in the world.
Making keeping your hands on things easy and effective.