Versatile Weighbridge Application Software.

Designed specifically for road and rail weighbridges, Winbridge™ is considered the ultimate in weighing applications, meeting all aspects of weighing operations ... ... and far more.

The ability of Winbridge™ to interface via our Data Exchanger™ to a GPRS wireless gateway facilitates. A true, real-time management and monitoring of weighbridges and weighing activities, as well as sophisticated Internet based remote reporting.

Real-time Wireless GPRS Data Transmission:

By using the cellular General Packet Radio Service, or cellular data carrier, weighbridge data is automatically transmitted back to the Host Management System, where it is stored and formatted for Internet reporting according to pre-defined user and management requirements.

Since GPRS transmission is both transaction and exception driven, any weighing problems are also automatically relayed back to the HMS where optional real-time sms’s can be generated, allowing site managers to stay in touch even when not at their desks or front of a web-enabled PC.

Specific features of Winbridge™ include:

1.) SQL Database Back-End, ensuring consistent safe data storage, including optional photo’s of vehicles queuing and being weighed, as well as efficient record indexing for rapid database searches User-configurable Report Writer
2.) Facilitating user-defined reporting structure, look and feel Internet Based Reporting.
3.) Facilitating access to password protected reporting over the Internet by connecting to the secure Weighcomm Host Management System, with the use of a browser or WAP enabled cellular phone Operator-less Weighbridge Control
4.) By utilising proximity smart cards, operators are no longer required to run all aspects of weighing and weighbridge control. Instead particulars of vehicles and persons crossing the weigh-bridge are stored on these proximity smart cards allowing for a swipe-and-go procedure which greatly enhances weighing transaction performance Automatic Vehicle Identification using Radio Frequency ID or License Plate Recognition (LPR)
5.)Through the use of RFID tags, regularly weighed vehicles (fitted with RFID tags) are automatically identified when entering the weighbridge and similarly automatically processed without the need for operator intervention

WinBridge Web Reporting
WinBridge has a innovative WEB reporting facility as an option.
The DataExchanger sends all the transactions and results to our servers at Opto Africa and thus be accessed from any web browser in the world.
Making keeping your hands on things easy and effective.