Landfill Sites


Landfill Sites Upgrade

Mangaung Local Municipality is currently upgrading their landfill sites in keeping with legislation as well as good safety and health practice.

The project is being run by engineering and project management staff from Vela VKE's Bloemfontein office.

Storm water management formed part of the upgrade process, in which surface drainage, the design of the drains, erosion control and retention ponds to enhance evaporation will all be implemented. A water quality management system is also being put in place. The project includes renovations and additions to the site office and control room, as well as parking facilities for employees and the general public. Access roads will be upgraded, using 80mm interlocking concrete blocks. Both landfill sites’ weighbridge facilities will also be upgraded. There will also be drop-off zones for garden refuse that will be turned into compost.

Opto Africa’s East Coast branch who has secured the contract for the Inter-connective and Interoperable Commercial Weighbridge Automation, with centralised data management and back up. The existing weighbridges are being renovated and upgraded at both the South and North Landfill sites to the latest state-of-the-art WinBridge Solutions, which is the market leader in Waste Management Solutions. At both the North and South sites the two existing 22x3m weighbridges will be upgraded, as well as the construction of an additional new 24x3m weighbridge at the South site to cope with excessive growth in business.

Opto Africa offers a Landfill Weighbridge Software called WinBridge which comes complete with its own reporting. It will connect to any weighbridge indicator with an appropriate output interface from RS232 to LAN/WAN connectivity or even Ethernet. The software can also include an Unmanned Operation option when using external devices such as Automated Transacting Modules, Boom Gates, CCTV cameras, Smart Cards, Biometrics and/or RFID Tags.

Some of the features include:

Export Functions which, for example, will produce a Microsoft EXCEL file of all transactions for a specified date range, per site, per customer, per waste category or even per driver.

Layered security for giving personnel and others as the operator’s access to certain pre-approved password controlled functions of the application.

Many waste and sector specific but standard built in reports in several formats as PDF, XLS, MS Office and DOC Export Format, which is available from each report.

An integrated Backup Function which will send the database information to a network or remote facility via remote communications devices providing clients “peace of mind” in the event of local data loss due to a PC breakdown.

The system allows for Operator selection for automatic or manual transactions to accommodate vehicles that have previously not been weighed, to capture data and details for future use.

Operator help files built into the application, and remote tuition and training.

Account status by category for, for example, CASH, CONTRACT, STOP NO CREDIT, and NO CHARGE, which is pre-negotiated with clients on contracts.

WinBridge separates the account details for each weighed transaction.

Site and location and vehicle and client identification and transaction allocation for multiple site identification, as North and South Manguang (in this instance), with the correct interactivity and data trails.

Printing or non-printing of transactions to a Dot Matrix or similar printer system, or data posting to predefined LAN/WAN or remote users or systems.

Additional charges can be set on Waste Types and categories such as special fees, minimum transaction fees, levies, etc...

Dual Weighbridge functionality.

Web Interfacing and Hosting for data consolidation, administration and reporting functions.

Customisation of the Landfill application is possible.

These are just some of the features available in the WinBridge landfill software program. Other hardware options are also available if the software is required to connect to devices such as Traffic Lights, Boom Gates, RFID, RFID Readers, Tracking, Drop off Data Storage, etc...

Opto Africa also offers other Waste and Landfill Site Automation as PAC (Programmable Automation Control) for Leachate Monitoring, Gas Detection, Pump Station Control, Fire Detection, etc.