PikItUp & SmartCards


PIKITUP Introduces Smartcards

Dumping waste at any of Pikitup's four landfill sites will be a lot smoother and quicker with the new smart card system, and it will eliminate the need to bring cash to the site.

PIKITUP, the City's waste management service, is moving with the times and has introduced a smart card system for customers at its four landfill sites.

The system has been installed by Opto Africa at the weighbridge access control points at the sites - Ennerdale, Marie Louise, Goudkoppies and Robinson Deep. Landfill sites are used to dump non-hazardous waste.

Pansy Jali, Pikitup's spokesperson, says the smart card system features automatic licence plate recognition and smart card billing components, all hosted online.

"The system also enables fleet owners to view their vehicles' movements in and out of the landfill sites live on the internet. The landfill site keeps track of visits through the automatic number plate recognition, which has a sensor that correlates visitors' incoming cars to the card numbers.

"This means businesses that have more than one van coming in to the site should have separate cards for each vehicle, which will be charged on the company's account. They will also receive their monthly statements electronically," says Jali.

The cost of dumping waste at the landfill sites varies according to weight and type of the waste.

In contact

Account holders will be sent an SMS as soon as their vehicle crosses the weighbridge using their smart card, which needs to be swiped at the access point. The net mass and related charges, including the time the vehicle went in and out and how much waste it carried, will be shown on the SMS.

"The primary purpose of the system is to ensure the safety of our staff when handling cash as well as to rid businesses and residents of the burden of carrying cash when going to these landfill sites to dispose of their waste, while at the same time, speeding up the entire process," says Jali.

She says that to apply for smart cards, residents and businesses need to complete an application form available at any of the four landfill sites or at Pikitup's head office at the corner of Juta and Bertha streets in Braamfontein. People need to bring their municipal account number or statement

"A separate account will be made available for this service. Residents will be able to pay this bill on Joburg Connect and at any place where municipal bills are paid, like the Post Office."

Jali adds that businesses and residents who do not go to the landfill sites frequently and who have not applied for a card will not be turned away, but will be given a temporary smart card. "The cards given to them will not be like the permanent ones. They will not reflect personal details like the permanent ones and will only allow the owner one visit."

However, Pikitup encourages anyone who uses or may in future use a landfill site to dispose of waste, to apply for a permanent smart card.

For more information, contact the Pikitup call centre on 011 712 5200, Joburg Connect on 011 375 5555.

Or Opto Africa (Pty) Ltd, 011 792 4886 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.