Group Members

Opto Africa Team

Hennie Visser - Managing Director (SA)

Hennie Visser (BSC Eng) is the founder of the company and brings more than 25 years of executive management and technical expertise in software and hardware development and design. His previous experience included being technical director of Mass Measuring Systems (Pty) Ltd, where he led the research, development and production divisions in the manufacture of electronic equipment and software applications for the monitoring and control of Industrial and commercial processes. He continues to be instrumental in the designer and development of software solutions as Batchcon™ , Winbridge™, SiteMon™, and other leading edge software applications, which are operating successfully at various corporate companies and other government and manufacturing facilities throughout South Africa. Hennie Visser has successfully reorganized the company, streamlining operations and improving profitability. Other experience includes seven years at EPS, as MD. He was responsible for the development and launch of numerous successful products in growing markets and new business categories for EPS. He holds a BSc Eng (Electronics) Degree from the University of Pretoria, S.A. He has extensive experience in Control Systems and Applications, Telemetry, Projects and project management, Batch Plants, Mass/Weighing Solutions, Networking Solutions, Logistics and Supply Chain, and Consulting.

Robin Richard Rudman – Director Opto East Coast (SA)

Robin Rudman is co-founder of Opto east Coast and has been involved in Process Control and Mass Measurement almost two decades. He has previously contributed worked for SASCO Africa in both a technical and sales capacity, successfully running regional offices using his extensive management experience. He has been very instrumental in developing and successfully developing the company business in the Eastern Cape and surrounding area, and has even been involved in projects as far afield as the West Coast of Africa and the Pacific Rim. Robin also has extensive experience in Quality Control and Systems, where his input is of great value. He also leads the Group in Verification, Calibration and Certification in the Mass Measuring arena, and has successfully achieved NRCS/SANS Laboratory Accreditation status for Opto Africa.

Basie Steenkamp – Director (Opto Namibia)

Basie has extensive experience in control and testing, and brings an enormous amount of experience from the freight, logistics, supply chain and freight testing arena, having been instrumental in processes and systems at Transnet and Transnet Freight Rail, where he worked for numerous years, prior to relocating to Walvisbaai in Namibia. Basie leads the Group in process control applications and has invaluable experience on the Opto22 product line. Projects under his control and management include the maritime process control systems on seafaring vessels and fleets, which have saved numerous companies millions of dollars, as well as process mining applications on the vast salt pans in Namibia. He has also been instrumental in creating and developing energy management solutions for the facilities management sector. His extensive process control addiction bodes the Group well and that the Group continues to value is input and success.