Profibus DP Weighing Module Applications

The IT2000P weighing module is intended for precise weight measurements with all types of scales using strain gauge loadcells (eg silo, hopper or platform scales).
Weight and status information is continuously transmitted to the connected PLC or process control system via Profibus DP (eg SIEMENS S7 or PCS7).
IT2000P features integrated batching functionality with material flow and tolerance check and can be started and controlled over Profibus DP.
The integrated display and keyboard provide check of weight as well as scale calibration on site without auxiliary means.
Setup time is reduced by simple installation on DIN rail, connection of cables with pluggable screw terminals and cleartext prompts for the calibration with or without test weights.
(GSD file for S7 available).

Profibus DP Features

Data rate 12 Mbit/sec
Connector DSUB9.

Profibus Data Words To PLC

  • Scale status, gross and net weight
  • Batch ready message with transmission of actual weight and optimized preact
  • I/O status
  • Service and calibration data.

Profibus Data Words From PLC

  • Set zero
  • Autotaring
  • Taring with specified value
  • Start batching with transmission of target weight, preact and tolerance (weigh in or weigh out)
  • Discharging
  • Read digital input
  • Set digital output.

Weighing Electronics

Integrated factory calibrated A/D converter to connect up to 8 strain gauge loadcells (350 Ohm) in 4- or 6-wire mode.
Resolution 30,000d, internal resolution 524,000d, W&M approved resolution 6000d at 80% preload, max. 50 filtered updates / sec. Calibration as single-range or multiple-range scale. Option to linearize the weight curve.
Calibration selectable over keyboard and display or over Profibus DP.

Display And Operation

Cleartext display (16 characters with backlighting) to indicate weight and scale status (eg scale tared / under zero / overload). Info-key to show Profibus DP input / output data words. Additional function keys for zero setting, taring and configuration / calibration.

Operational Security

Powerfail safe storage of data, password protection, switch to protect calibration data, modules can be replaced without new calibration (only for systems not subject to W&M approval).


Compact stainless steel housing for installation on DIN rail, insusceptible to vibration, protected to IP20, screw terminals at bottom.

Power Supply

Supply voltage:12–30VDC,
Power consumption: max. 4.5 W.

Ambient Temperature

– 10°C to + 40°C at 95% max. relative humidity, non condensing.


  • Grounding rail to connect shield of cables
  • Internal plug-on RS485 interface to connect remote display
  • Internal plug-on I/O module with 2 digital optoisolated 24V inputs and outputs each, as decentralized I/Os for setpoint and batching functions
  • Analog output: 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V or 2-10, 15-bit resolution, 32,000 divisions, for the output of weight values
  • Zener barriers to connect Exi loadcells (max. 15,000d, 3000d W&M approved)
  • Terminal cover (for W&M approved systems)