The IT3000 is a universal industrial weighing terminal ready for the integration in Ethernet networks. It includes the well proven configurable standard programs:

  • BASIC for simple weighing systems
  • COUNT for parts counting
  • CHECK for simple check scales
  • FILL for simple filling systems
  • ONLINE for remote controlled systems
  • TRUCK/ONLINE for truck scale systems with online PC connection.

Parameters can be edited via PC with the IT3000 Configurator PC tool or by means of a web browser directly over the network.
After each weighing cycle weight, date/time and the entered IDs can be stored via Ethernet in a file on a PC's harddisk. This does not require any specific PC program.

In ONLINE Mode the IT3000 can be remotely controlled from the PC via the Ethernet interface. The instruction set permits capturing of weight, taring, zero setting and dialog functions.

Any error condition, such as overload, along with date and time is recorded in a log file that can be viewed via web browser.

Storage of data in an internal W&M approved data archive or in a W&M approved file on the PC's harddisk.


Operator prompting via 20-character back-lit alphanumeric display. Data entry via sealed membrane keyboard with numeric and function keys.

Weighing electronics

  • Integrated signal amplifier for connection of up to 8 strain gauge loadcells using 4- or 6-wire technology
  • Calibration as single or multiple-range and as single or multi-interval scale
  • Weights and Measures approved resolution of 6000d with a maximum preload of 80%, 524,000d internal resolution
  • 50 filtered updates / sec
  • Calibration is made either via display and keyboard of the IT3000 or over the Ethernet interface.

Ethernet interface

  • Integrated Ethernet interface, with selectable IP address for 10/100BASE-T networks, RJ45 connector
  • Configuration with PC program 'EtherPort Tool' over the network.


  • Data is retained in the event of power loss
  • Password protection.


One optional serial interface (RS232, RS485 or 20mA CL passive) to connect a printer, remote display or reference scale..

Digital inputs and outputs

Optional PIM module with 2 digital 24V inputs and 2 digital 24V outputs.

Electrical connection

110 (–15%) – 240 (+10%) VAC, wide range input, 50/60 Hz, power consumption max. 15 VA;
Option: 12 – 30 VDC.

Operating temperature

–10°C to +40°C, 95% relative humidity, non-condensing.

Ex version

with ATEX approval for installation in hazardous area, zone 2 (gas) or zone 22 (dust) available as option